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Ella. I act. I work in the television industry out of NYC. Dianna Agron is my spirit animal. Glee's Quinn and Puck are my everything.


You say I’m crazy, ‘cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done, but when you call me baby I know I’m not the only one.

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Favorites Characters » Quinn Fabray

"When you truly believe in yourself, you don’t have to bring other people down."

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Quinn Fabray + smiling

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Naya changed her name on Twitter to Naya Rivera Dorsey

Naya changed her name on Twitter to Naya Rivera Dorsey

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Naya got secretly married to someone?

Wow, I have been really out of the loop.

Congrats to her! Hope she’s happy and I wish them well!

Mark Salling and Jenna Ushkowitz attend the Dizzy Feet Foundation [x]

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Did you love me?

                           Yes…especially now. 

I know that after Beth was born, we weren’t really close. But when two people go though what we’ve been through, you’re bonded for life.

Dianna Agron at the Big Slick KC event on June 20-21 2014. (more)

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